Month: April 2016

shuktara 2016-04-26 Guria sitting up at physio

Guria gets her splints

We took Guria to Mobility India for the final fitting for her splints. This was arranged by Jacinta who is a UK based physiotherapist volunteering here in Kolkata, who originally met Guria in the hospital where the police placed her after finding her abandoned in the city.

The splints will correct her foot position and prevent any further deformity. They also aim to make her standing and walking a bit easier. The next step may be knee gaiters to keep her legs straight so she can stand with support. This will also be a great way to stretch her leg muscles for a more prolonged period of time.

Jacinta will come back in a couple of weeks to reassess and decide whether the knee gaiters will be the next best step forward.

Guria is non verbal and her cerebral palsy limits her ability to make many signs or gestures with her hands. We are all learning what certain eye or head movements mean and what she wants. She is always smiling so from that we assume she is happy.

To read more about Guria please click here.

shuktara - Emma D'Arcey is running for shuktara

shuktara has a runner in the London Marathon!

You might be wondering why we posted a photo of someone who does not reside in shuktara. We feel that this is important enough to post because shuktara has a runner in the London Marathon 2016 - Emma D'Arcey!

Running the London Marathon has been a dream of Emma's for 12 years. She feels the Marathon is a race that really shows London at itโ€™s best. This is her first marathon (at the age of 40!) and she's been tirelessly training to prepare for her run for shuktara.

Emma says:

"It has always been important to me to choose a charity I have a personal connection with. shuktara perfectly fits the bill.
The money I raise will go towards the day to day running costs of shuktara โ€“ such as buying food and clothing for the children and young people."

"An enormous thank you for all the donations. I am very moved by the number from people who donโ€™t know me. A clear indicator about how special shuktara is. Thank you!"

We are really excited about Emma's run and wanted to share this amazing news. To read more about Emma please click here to visit her fundraising page.