Month: September 2016

Choice Support blogs about shuktara

We had a visitors at Lula Bari recently, Steven Rose and his partner Tracy.

Steven is the CEO of Choice Support, an organisation that provides support to people with learning disabilities in England. He has worked in the field of disability for over 40 years and he and his organisation have been supporting Guria at Lula Bari for the last eight months or so.

On returning to the UK Steven wrote about his visit to shuktara. This is what he says:

Returning to the work of Shuktara, in more than 40 years of working with disabled people I have never been so impressed with the levels of dedication and commitment I witnessed. Shuktara manage to achieve so much with so little and are literally saving childrenโ€™s lives.

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shuktara home for young people with disability - 2016 September - Subhash

New arrival at shuktara!

Pappu was called on 28th September (2016) by Childline to see if we would take a young man with cerebral palsy. When Pappu went he found him tied to the bed and in nappies.

Pappu arranged a speedy transfer and he arrived at shuktara that evening.

He now has a name - Subhash Kumar.

Subhash loves being next to Sunil - and together they share the TV remote controls.

Ratan who also has limited movement is comforted by his presence.

He is really happy and is settled into his new home.
Just another #shuktaramiracle.

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shuktara home for young adults with disability - Ashok and Sanjib

Sanjib’s birthday at shuktara

September 23rd was Sanjib Shaw's birthday and he decided to share his day with the young people at shuktara.

He brought chicken, Indian sweets, chocolate and cakes as well as one sack of rice!

Pappu Mishra (chairman of shuktara) is really happy when local people develop an interest in shuktara.
Sanjib heard about us when he started visiting our locality.

So we say thank you and Janamdin Mubarek (Happy Birthday) to Sanjib!

shuktara home for disabled girls - 2016 September - Tamina with floral headband

Choice Support visits shuktara

Choice Support is a leading social care charity providing services to people with a wide range of support needs throughout much of England. Last week Steven Rose, Chief Executive of Choice Support, and his partner Tracy visited shuktara.

Choice Support has been giving support to shuktara since the beginning of 2016. They were moved by the story of Guria, who was found abandoned on the street but seems to have found the secret to happiness as she is always smiling brightly. This was a wonderful chance for Steven and Tracy to meet Guria and see what her life is like now.

They brought nail varnish and flower headbands for all of the girls which was a good way to get to know the girls. The girls were delighted to have their nails done and wear the headbands, as you can see in the photos.

Thank you Choice Support!

shuktara home for young adults with disabilities - 2016 September - Sunil flying a kite

Sunil flies a kite – and Puja Season begins

You can feel it in the air - Puja Season is definitely coming to Kolkata.

17th September is Vishwakarma Puja followed soon after by the famous Durga Puja and ending with Kali Puja and Lakshmi Puja.

Instinctively Sunil just seems to know, finds a kite, flies it and starts making those very excited Sunil sounds.

For more about Sunil please click here.

shuktara home for young people with disability

Shuktara Cakes at Calcutta International School

Shuktara Cakes was started to give some of the older boys at shuktara a way to become independent by learning how to make French patisserie. Pinku was one of the first employees - in these photos he is working with Somnath, the Shuktara Cakes manager, at the Calcutta International School.

In the brief time that Shuktara Cakes has been in business they have acquired an amazing following. These are just a few of their distinguished customers:


If you are in Kolkata and would like to order from Shuktara Cakes please click here for more information.