Month: April 2017

2017 April - Tom Ingoldby #runningforshuktara

Tom Ingoldby #runningforshuktara

Tom Ingoldby ran the 2017 Brighton Marathon for shuktara on 9 April 2017. This is what he said after he successfully completed his run:

Shout to all my supporters today. Family Ingoldby, the Welshies, Gay Dave and my personal pasta chef for the past week Fi. Also all the messages online. Ran it in 3 hrs 28 min in mad heat. Raised a ton of money for @shuktara_homes (thanks for the generous donations). And I beat Dad's time. Apart from almost fainting post race, it was a cracking day.

Well done Tom!

shuktara home for young people with disabilities - 2017 April - Levi completes his walk up Mt. Toubkal

“I made it!” says Levi

Levi Wheeler-Rose is only six years old and we were so excited to watch him as he prepared for his climb.

On April 5th and 6th Levi walked eight miles up Mt. Toubkal in support of Guria and shuktara.

Here's two short videos of Levi talking about his climb and thanking all of the people who supported his walk.

Levi’s Magical Adventure – his photographic journey to Mt. Toubkal

shuktata home for girls with disabilities - 2017 April - Puja in her school uniform - maybe for the first time ever

Puja and Guria go to school for the first time

Last week Pappu was really busy with paperwork for admission to REACH school for Puja and Guria. He had taken photos of Guria and Puja and had written deep descriptions of their needs and abilities. We were expecting them to get admission after the Summer holiday in June.

Sometimes things happen fast in India - Pappu was able to get both girls enrolled immediately and they started on Monday (3 April 2017).

Of course Guria is loving it because she is completely delighted with each new experience. Puja is feeling more and more settled and she loves going out to school every day.

The girls' interaction with other people is of primary importance. In school they are learning to be in different situations and coping with different experiences outside of their home. This is just one of the ways they will become part of their community.