Month: September 2017

shuktara - 2017 - The Winning Sisters run the Berllin Marathon

Running Berlin Marathon for shuktara

Emma D’Arcey and Hannah Kokoschka are sisters who LOVE running. Last year Emma ran the London Marathon 2016 for shuktara, and this year both sisters will run the Berlin Marathon 2017 for shuktara on 24th September.

This is what Emma says about #runningforshuktara

“We are so excited to be running in this years Berlin Marathon. After such an uplifting experience running London last year we both felt inspired to take on the 6 World Marathon Majors (Berlin, London, Tokyo, Chicago, New York and Boston). Berlin seemed like the next best step.

We have entered as a team because we enjoy training together. Hannah named us as a team “The Winning Sisters” proving that she has high hopes for us both!”

All of us at shuktara will be cheering them on – for more information on #TheWinningSisters please see these pages:
Official page of the Berlin Marathon 2017

shuktara home for girls with disabilities - Muniya the camerawoman

Yep! films shuktara

Yep! Films International sent Raegan Hodge to Kolkata to film and take photos for a feature documentary about shuktara.

This is a work in progress and we have all had such fun and look forward to welcoming Phoebe Brown, Elizabeth Strickler and Raegan back soon to complete this work.

Please follow them and keep an eye on Yep Films pages for more news and updates:

Below are a few photos from the filming and the all-important Wrap Party at Lula Bari…