Anna’s Shradh

The week following Anna's passing was filled with ceremonies to honour and celebrate his life.

As head of the shuktara family, Pappu decided to perform the traditional Hindu mourning rituals for a beloved family member.

These rituals ensure the soul has sustenance on the journey and reaches the destination safely.

On 25th October a Shradh to honour Anna, was performed. Pappu began by moulding mud from the Ganges to make a place where he fed Anna.

Prayers were said throughout the day, not only by Pappu but also by the young people of shuktara. Anna was their brother.

Pappu's wife Deepika lights incense and leads the older boys in garlanding Anna's photo.

Pappu has been the centre of this Shradh ceremony all day.
Doing the rituals according to Hindu tradition for Anna.

At the end of the Shradh everyone gathered on the roof and celebrated Anna's life by eating his favourite food - fish curry.

Anna's favourite part of the fish was the tail. Right before eating, Pappu offered this plate of food to Anna, this is called Macher Leja.

Having completed the ritual mourning for a beloved family member everyone sat together and ate.

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