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Young disabled woman in brightly coloured sari on a bright blue mat next to a young man lying on a yellow pillow on a pink mat

Saraswati Puja 2024

On the 14th February we celebrated Saraswati Puja at Anna Bari.

Puja Basak and Prity give puja wishes
Bablu Lal and Moni
Aarti Blessings before immersion of the Goddess
young girl's face with pink and green lights

Lula Bari Winter Holiday

One of our supporters donated money for the Lula Bari girls, young women and staff to go away for a Winter picnic trip.

Pappu decided to hire a bus and he took them all to Purulia District where Shuktara operates an outreach programme.
This meant that Pappu was able to check up on things there and for everyone to have two nights away from Kolkata.

Pappu organised a dance performance on one evening and the next day they had a lakeside picnic.
On the return to Kolkata they turned up the music and switched the disco lights on in the bus and all returned home safely.

That’s Guria on the right, clearly enjoying herself. The disco bus was a great idea – see the videos below!

young man at a counter full of French pastry

Shuktara Cakes outlet now open!

On 1st July the new Shuktara Cakes outlet opened and soon became a destination spot for everyone in Kolkata who loves the fantastic patisserie made by the Shuktara Cakes team. This dedicated team includes young men who live at Anna Bari around the corner as well as some of the young men who have moved out of the home and now live independently with their own families. Members of the team share the responsibilities of making the patisserie as well as staffing the outlet counter.

The new shop is a wonderful addition to the local community and is also a fantastic way for shuktara to be more visible in the neighbourhood.

If you are in Kolkata and want to visit the Shuktara Cakes outlet here is the address:
80 Narayan Roy Road Kolkata 700008

To order or for enquiries Ph: 9830760087

Shuktara gifted a new ambulance

A very generous friend of shuktara in Kolkata has gifted us an ambulance. 
On 27 July we had special puja blessings conducted by our pandit Sumanta.

This ambulance will allow us to assist our local community, helping those who don’t have a vehicle, or can’t afford a taxi, to take their loved ones in emergency to the hospital or any other emergency it may be needed for.

We are very thankful for this donor who wishes to remain anonymous.

Pandit Sumanta blessing the new ambulance

two young women smiling

Lula Bari this month

Earlier in March we celebrated Lali’s birthday with a delicious cake. We thought you might also like to see more of the latest photos from our girls home, Lula Bari. To learn more about any of the young women living in Lula Bari please go to our Shuktara Family page. Clicking on any person’s photo will take you to a short bio and photo gallery.