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Shuktara Trust (UK) - Sue Tungay

Thank you Sue Tungay

Shuktara Trust (UK) - Sue Tungay

I have known Sue Tungay and her husband Mike since 1977, so when I came back to London in 2004 and started telling friends about shuktara, Sue was instrumental in setting up a meeting where we could talk about how people outside India could help. Shuktara Trust (UK) was born then – on 25th November 2005. Sue Tungay was Secretary from the start and became a Trustee shortly afterwards. Simeon Underwood was the original Chairman and once he got all the registration work done he handed the Chair over to Mike Tungay. Sue has been Secretary for 14 years and a Trustee for 13 years. Mike has been a Trustee for 14 years and Chairman for 13 years.

On the 17th September Mike announced his retirement as Chairman and we were delighted that Adam Thompson accepted. On the 1st October Karen Guile took over as Adminstrator and Fundraising Manager.

Shuktara Trust (UK) - Sue and Mike Tungay
Sue and Mike Tungay

“We are both in our seventies and for me I wanted to hand over the admin side whilst I was still compos mentis. As Mike worked closely with me as Chair it seemed an opportune time to also hand over to someone who would be working closely with Karen. We also felt it was a good opportunity to have younger people at the helm. We are still very happy to remain involved as trustees and to give Adam and Karen all the support they need in the changeover.”

It’s impossible for me to put into words how important the work is that Sue Tungay has done for shuktara. In terms of her personal time it inestimable. If someone donated £5 or £5000 she would make sure that she wrote and posted a letter to them. For me in India knowing that everyone was being thanked for their support was a real blessing.
Her support for Pappu when he was going through all the paperwork for FCRA registration was constant. Even though frustrated with the length of time it took, I don’t think Sue ever gave up hope that Pappu would be able to get everything done.
Of course Mike and Sue also visited shuktara in Kolkata and spent a holiday in Puri by the seaside with us all.

For you as supporters, nothing has changed. The phone number and address you see on the Shuktara Trust (UK) website will stay with Sue Tungay at 7 Lily Close. She can forward information and letters and report on any phone calls to Karen Guile who has taken over until they find a more suitable point of contact. Karen and Sue are and have been working closely together and of course, Sue and Mike both remain trustees.

Here are a few words from shuktara related people who have worked with Sue over the years and wanted to express their feelings.

“In Praise of Sue”
I was delighted Sue to learn from David,that at last shuktara had appointed someone to take over from you, a hard Act to follow, but I know also if Karen needs any input to help her, you will be a brilliant Mentor.
It was through you and Mike that I was brought into contact with shuktara and subsequently had the privilege to serve as a Trustee with you. I also remember the work you put in to get Charity Status for shuktara.
My career brought me into contact with voluntary, charity and not for profit sector. I can honestly say that shuktara has been so blessed to have had someone to put in so much personal time and effort as you Sue and deal with the frustrations at times dealing with banks and building soc. Not least us Trustees.. All at no cost to shuktara not that you would have wanted remuneration.
You certainly have been an enthusiastic, and committed ambassador for us.
I hope now that you and Mike will have more time to yourselves to enjoy.
You have been a great person to work with and of course personal friend.
With much love
Tony (Baker), former Shuktara Trust (UK) Trustee

Sue has been nothing but extraordinary in her voluntary role as Secretary over the past two decades. Her diligence keeping the UK finances in order and monitoring those in Kolkata has been admirable. Without any prior experience of the role she taught herself everything that was required and ensured her work was accessible to all of us trustees. She’s been thoughtful and kind in the way she’s looked after our many supporters, keeping them up to date with news and ensuring their contributions have been recognised. Sue’s love for the shuktara family and the role she’s taken on for so many years has been a tremendous asset and I’m incredibly grateful and thankful for everything she’s done.
Aly Rose, Trustee Shuktara Trust (UK)

Sue is such an integral part of shuktara that it’s impossible to imagine what shuktara would be like without her energy and commitment. Although her official title is Board Secretary and Trustee she has always taken on far more than her designated role.

I’ve been working with Sue since 2014 when I was asked to redesign the invitation for the 606 fundraising event. She sent me a message to say “I love the invite and I thought you really captured the shuktara essence.” From that point on she has been an amazing person to work with – always positive, willing to work together to find a solution to any issue, and very generous with praise and gratitude for the work I do for shuktara. It has been my pleasure and privilege to work with Sue and I wish her happiness, love and adventure as she continues to move gracefully through her seventh decade.
Alison Saracena, Webmistress for and Graphic Designer for shuktara

From me – as I said at the beginning, I simply cannot put into words how grateful I am for all that Sue has done to support me and shuktara in every area.

David Earp

Shuktara Trust (UK) - Sue Tungay

Shuktara Trust (UK)

Changes at Shuktara Trust (UK)

Shuktara Trust (UK) - Mike Tungay
Mike Tungay

Mike Tungay has been Chairman of Shuktara Trust (UK) since 2006, soon after the Trust was registered in November 2005.

This means that Mike has been a Trustee for 14 years and Chairman for 13 years. Earlier this month on 18th September at a Shuktara Trust (UK) Trustees Meeting held in London Mike expressed that it is now the right time for him to step down as Chair and suggested that Adam Thompson takes over the role. Adam confirmed that he was happy to do so.

Adam Thompson first visited Kolkata back in 2001 and has been involved in all things shuktara since then, including being a trustee since 2005. In February, earlier this year he visited again with his son Frankie and you can read his description of the visit here:
Adam’s visit to shuktara

Adam Thompson

It seems a perfect time to welcome Adam as Chairman as we now have Karen Guile who took over as Administrator and Fundraising Manager on 1st October and Adam will be working closely with her.
Mike and Sue also feel that it is a good opportunity to have younger people at the helm.

Mike will of course continue to be a Trustee and we thank him for his commitment over the years and look forward to working with him and socialising with him and Sue much more – now they have more time.
We are all also grateful for their promise to support Adam and Karen as they take over these important roles.

We welcome Adam as Chairman and all he can bring to shuktara in this role. His care and love towards the young people at Lula Bari and Anna Bari that we witnessed in February brought a smile to everyone’s face.

Thank You Mike Tungay and welcome to the role of Chairman Adam Thompson.

Some words Adam wrote on his return to London from his previous visit seem just as relevant today:

“I like to imagine myself in another twenty years, grizzled, perhaps lame in one leg and once again drinking tea on the roof of shuktara as the sun goes down. If this shuktara of the future has fostered even half of the love it has shown over the past twenty years we will all as supporters, feel incredibly proud of the work that David, Pappu and the team have done. I don’t bet (much), if I did, my guess is that all the right foundations are in place for a home of much happiness for many, many years ahead.”

shuktara - Guria

Gift Aid Awareness Day

shuktara - Guria and her physical therapistGift Aid allows UK charities to claim back the basic rate tax already paid on donations by the donor (only UK donors are eligible). This means we can claim back from the government on your behalf 25p for every £1 donated, boosting the value of the donation by a quarter.

We are grateful for your donations, both the one-off gifts and the standing orders that you have set up.

This extra money makes so much difference in Kolkata, it means we can do things like pay for more physiotherapy classes for Guria, who has cerebral palsy and lives at Lula Bari.

Karen Guile took over on the 1st October as Administrator and Fundraising Manager for Shuktara Trust (UK) and while working with Sue Tungay has already written to some of our supporters suggesting that if they haven’t filled up a Gift Aid Declaration form to please think about it.

It’s really easy and all the information is available here:
So, if you pay Income Tax in the UK your donation can go much further if you take a few minutes and fill out the form.
Thank You!


Mahalaya and a Birthday Weekend at shuktara

On Saturday 28th September we celebrated Mahalaya, this is the day that Durga comes to earth and the beginning of the celebration of Durga Puja which starts when her face is unveiled on the 4th October.

28th September is the day that Subhash celebrates his birthday and also a day when visitors come to shuktara with gifts for everyone because of Mahalaya and the forthcoming festival.

This year we had a lot of gifts – clothes, food, umbrellas and blankets and a promise of a water filter machine for Anna Bari. Pappu’s friends Navin and Rajesh filled up a car with food (see photo) enough for both our homes.

When everyone found out that Guria celebrates her birthday the following day, on the 29th September, our guests rushed out to buy cake for her, to be kept in the fridge. So Guria ended up with 3 cakes on Sunday including the one that Pappu had organised for her.

Nobody arrives at shuktara with a date of birth. But everyone has a birthday that they choose or is chosen for them if they are unable to do so.

Thank You to all our friends and supporters here in Kolkata, India and around the world.

shuktara - Bablu Lal and Rahul

Meet Rahul, Pappu’s new assistant

Pappu, chairman of shuktara, got to the point where he realised he needed help with the piles of administrative paperwork including staff attendance sheets, daily expenses, current accounts and catching up on a backlog of last month’s papers to digitise.

Everyone appreciates Pappu and how much he does for shuktara, but the work load is too much for him alone.

Rahul was one of three people that Pappu interviewed and has a background of commerce and accounting.

Meet Rahul – here at Anna Bari with Bapi.

shuktara - Scrabble gift

Denise Deering’s gift to shuktara

Denise Deering is a long time supporter of shuktara, formerly a trustee of Shuktara Trust UK and a visitor to the shuktara homes.
Recently she made this artwork out of Scrabble pieces for us.

Pappu, chairman of shuktara, decided that the best place for it was Lula Bari, especially as we have a newly painted and decorated home.

It is now on the ground floor in a place chosen by Muniya, but before it went up on the wall Lali explained all the words to Guria and it appears that she expected something to happen as she tapped the glass. Guria loves playing with phones and tablets and was perhaps disappointed to see this one go up on the wall.

Thanks to Denise for her constant support and love.


Vishwakarma Puja

Vishwakarma is considered to be the divine architect and creator of the world. On this day workers ask him to bless their tools (from a simple hammer to a more complex machine like a computer) and give them safe working conditions, success in their work and a better future.

At shuktara this is usually a small celebration however this year Sunil decided that the statue representing Vishwakarma could be bigger. You can see Sunil in the first video below joyfully banging with a pair of scissors during the ceremony to honour Vishwakarma.

shuktara - Pappu and Ashok

Donations to shuktara, Kolkata

On Tuesday 27th of August 2019, Pappu (chairman of shuktara in India) received the news that shuktara, Kolkata now has permission to receive donations electronically from outside India. 

This is the news we have all been eagerly awaiting for the last four years.

We have managed to keep both our homes running and we have been able to do everything we wanted to do over the last years, but are now looking forward to being able to do so much more for the future of the young women at Lula Bari and everyone at Anna Bari, our boys home.

Thank you all for sticking with us, supporting us and helping us out when we needed it most.

If you now wish to donate directly to shuktara, Kolkata please use the details here:

IFC Code: PUNB0008500
Account Name: shuktara
Account No.: 3187000100080165
Bank Name: Punjab National Bank
Branch Name: Kolkata Ballygunge
Branch Address: 18/1 Gariahat Road, Kolkata 700019, West Bengal, India

shuktara - Pappu and Ashok
Nagendra Mishra (Pappu) with Ashok who was the first to hear our good news!

Our general running costs, staff salaries and expenses including school and tuition fees will still continue to be paid quarterly by Shuktara Trust UK.

If you live in the UK and pay tax then donating through Shuktara Trust UK is the very best way to donate. If you’re a UK taxpayer, Gift Aid increases the value of your charity donations by 25%, because the charity can reclaim the basic rate of tax on your gift – at no extra cost to you.

shuktara - Raksha Bandhan

Independence Day / Raksha Bandhan

As far as we remember, this never happened until this year – Independence Day and Raksha Bandhan are both today, 15th August.

Lula Bari girls celebrated Independence Day by raising the flag on their new pink roof while the boys (led by Sunil of course) also raised the Indian flag.

Then as Raksha Bandhan is a celebration of any brother-sister like relationship everyone exchanged rakhi, the beautiful bracelets that are given to sisters and brothers to show your love and respect.

Definitely a day of devotion for everyone at shuktara – to India and to each other!