Happy birthday Pappu!

shuktara homes for young people with disabilitiesIf you know shuktara you probably know Nagendra Kumar Mishra aka Pappu. If you don't, you should. Pappu's official title is Chairman of shuktara but he is so much more.

When shuktara started in Jubilee Park Pappu was finishing university and lived next to our home. Everyone in the neighbourhood was curious about shuktara and Pappu was no exception. Eventually we hired him as a tutor because he just seemed to fit in so well with our shuktara family.

Over the years Pappu became more and more involved with shuktara. He lived in the shuktara home, going to his own house rarely. He learned how to communicate with the deaf boys using sign. All of the young people at shuktara consider him their father. No matter how busy he may be he always has time to talk when someone needs him. His calm presence and infinite patience has made the shuktara house a real home, where everyone feels comfortable and safe.

In the photos below it's obvious that Pappu cares deeply about all of the young people at shuktara, and it's clear that everyone in both homes absolutely adores him.

Today is Pappu's birthday. We can never thank him enough for all that he does for shuktara however we would like to say...
Happy Birthday Pappu from all of us at shuktara!

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