Ipshita Saha

Ipshita was the second girl to come to the shuktara home for girls (now known as Lula Bari). Quiet and shy, we don't know when she was born or anything about her parents, but she was about 9 or 10 years old when she first moved into shuktara in 2007.

Ipshita is delighted that her studies at Pragati School for the Deaf are over, because she enjoys her freedom and felt confined in an educational setting.

Her passion is her needlework and she loves to spend time in the evenings embroidering scenes like flowers and houses. She has a tutor who visits her at Lula Bari in the evenings. During the afternoon she joins in with the others for occupational therapy with a special educator who does meditation, exercise and dance.

"We’ve seen Ipshita grow in confidence and she is now really outgoing and sociable," says David, shuktara's founder. "She enjoys playing computer games and looking after the garden."

Ipshita gets on well with the others at shuktara but her best friend is a girl called Riya who is the daughter of Malay, Ratan's carer. (Ratan lives in the boy’s house, and needs full time care).

"I like the whole house, especially the computer room, which is also my bedroom," says Ipshita, when asked what she likes best about living at Lula Bari. "This house is big. Before all our homes were too small." She also adds: "Now I am very happy."

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