Newest member of our shuktara family

We have another Puja at Lula Bari!
This is Puja Basak who has been living alone in a small room after the death of her parents.

The other residents from her building who have been looking after her got in touch with Pappu as the landlord wants to rent the room.
Some of them came along with Pappu to see Lula Bari, her new home.

Puja is happy to be here with the rest of the shuktara family to start a new life which will be a little more busy than it has been for her living alone in her small room.

We look forward to seeing her thrive.

Disabled girl in bright red dressing sitting on the floor with another girl behind her. She has just come to live in Lula Bari, home for disabled girls in Kolkata.
Puja Basaj with Tamina

One thought on “Newest member of our shuktara family

  1. if it is possible, can you let Puja Basak know that I wish her all the best in her new life, pray she grows to have a happy, healthy life, I am sure she is in capable hands & will be loved & looked after, wish all these girls the best, pray for their happiness, never to be alone, I am rooting for them all always & they are always in my prayers, lots of love to them all, they are all remarkable, and have been through so much hardship & hope they all sparkle & shine with the help of Shuktara!

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