Raju Biswas

Pappu, the chairman of shuktara in Kolkata, received a call from a Child Welfare Agency asking if we could take an older boy. Raju Biswas is Deaf and autistic, and had been living with his mother in a room in a village three hours outside of Kolkata in rural Bengal. Her fear of what will happen to Raju when she dies led her to ask around for help.

Pappu met both Raju and his mother last week and decided he would be a good fit with the older boys and men in Anna Bari. On Sunday 28th February he and some of the young men from shuktara went to pick up Raju, see his mother and sign all the legal paperwork. Raju’s mother has no TV or mobile phone but her neighbour has said that she can video call from her phone to Pappu to keep in touch with her son.

Raju is settling into his new home and we are all happy to welcome one more Raju to shuktara.