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Distributing blankets in the villages

Pappu and the team just got back to Kolkata from Purulia district where they have been distributing blankets to the families that they are supporting.

They will return in a few weeks when the orthopaedic shoes and chairs that are currently being made to order are ready. They will also sort out hearing tests for the Deaf children and young people in the village who have never had any medical help.

Even though the shuktara family are now grown up, healthy and well supported, they still need for us not to forget about them – our support has dwindled dramatically in the last years since the pandemic and yet the work being done on the ground has grown enormously.
Please donate if you can – your support not only helps shuktara in Kolkata but also our Outreach programme providing assistance to the children and young people in Purulia district.

If you donate now a generous donor has agreed to double any donation given to Shuktara up to the total £30,000 cost to run the Outreach programme for 3 years.
Pappu in Purulia village

Shuktara offers support to disabled young people in the villages

In Kolkata shuktara is blessed with a wide range of support including the schools our young people attend, the doctors who we have access to and, most importantly, the support of friends and a group of dedicated staff headed by Pappu who work 24/7 each and every day throughout the year.

During lockdown and after the two cyclones we saw that there are others who do not have access to the same facilities and services that are available to us in the city.

Pappu decided to go back and visit villages in the Purulia district of West Bengal, outside of Kolkata, to see what help and assistance we at shuktara can give to disabled children and young people who live with their families but don’t have access to the care and support that we are so lucky to have.

The photos and video below show some of the young people who Pappu met during his visit.