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shuktara May 2016 - Sanjay and family-by David

Sanjay brings his family to shuktara

As the young people of shuktara grow up our job is to support them to live independent lives integrated into the community.

Sanjay came to shuktara in 2000. From the very beginning his dream was to have a family of his own.

Through his work at Shuktara Cakes and the experience of living at our boys home, we think he learned the true meaning of family as well as the skills he needed to start his own family.

He now has a wife and daughter of his own and these photos were taken when they came to visit his shuktara family!

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shuktara - Sanjay, Sumi & Munni 2016

Sanjay’s family

Sanjay came to shuktara in 2000 - cheeky, smart and smiley. He always wanted to have his own family and now his dream has come true.

In February 2015 he married a lovely deaf girl called Munni and on 6th December she gave birth to Sumi.
Sanjay's job at Shuktara Cakes means he has enough money to rent his own home and live independently.

He has managed all this on his own, and no doubt the stability and support from living at shuktara helped him have the confidence to bring his dream to fruition. We believe that Sanjay probably had the skills he needed to be a wonderful, loving father and husband all along.

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shuktara - Sanjay and Ratan

Sanjay and Ratan

shuktara - Sanjay and Ratan
Ratan needs full time care and attention 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. For this we have a full time carer. When he goes to see his family, we all help.

This means washing him, feeding him, changing his nappies and sitting with him holding his hand.

He wakes up smiling every morning and his giggles can be heard throughout the day, unless he needs a bowel movement – then the laughing stops, until that’s done. Then it starts again.

If you feel that you would like to be part of helping us to help him, visit our “DONATE” page, where there are lots of options to help not only Ratan, but all the boys, girls and young people who live in our homes.

shuktara - Sanjay and his wife June 2015

Sanjay is married!

Sanjay came to shuktara in 2000. He always wanted to work and he always wanted his own family.
Since working at Shuktara Cakes he has saved enough money to rent a house outside of the city and in February he married a young woman called Munni and they have a baby coming in a few months.

The security of shuktara and his job at Shuktara Cakes has meant that he has been able to do this and he is SO proud.
Today he is also making us all very proud too.

shuktara - Sanjay and his wife 2015 June in front of their house
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shuktara - Sanjay and his wife Munni 2015 June