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Woman after run holding up pink sign

Judith’s run for shuktara

Judith was inspired to become a trustee for Shuktara after visiting the homes during work trips to India. 

“It’s always such a joy to visit the young people at Shuktara. The homes have such a great sense of family and the team running the charity so inspiring.”

The new project helping children with disabilities in the outlaying villages of West Bengal was the catalyst to get running and raising additional funds for the charity. 

“As I ran the course I kept thinking about the difference the funds would make to the children.”

Thank you so much to everyone who has already supported Judith’s run and Shuktara. The run took place last weekend (11 March) however you can still support shuktara here:
Judith’s Run for Shuktara

Emma D'arcey runs the London Marathon for shuktara

Trustees take on the 2.6 Challenge for shuktara

“I am planning on doing 26 skips, then a break of 2.6 minutes to recover (I think a recovery time of 26 seconds is a tad optimistic), then another 26 skips, doing a total of 26 sets of 26 skips.”

Sue Tungay

“In 2016 I ran for shuktara in the London Marathon. The support from David, shuktara supporters, friends and family and all the people lining the streets was tremendous. I am feeling for all the runners who have worked so hard on both training and fundraising, unable to take part in this 40th anniversary year.

On the 26th of April I will complete 26 circuits of the Wells Cathedral green with my 9 month old Fredy in her pushchair. My aim is to help raise awareness for this very special charity. “

Emma D’arcey

“I am planning on running around the main lawn on my estate 26 times, again with a break of 2.6 minutes in between each lap.”

Mike Tungay

“I’m going to walk up the stairs to my flat – 26 steps, 26 times for Shuktara.

On Sunday 26 April, the day when the London marathon should have happened I’m taking part in the 2.6 Challenge.

Set up to encourage fundraising for charities hard hit by coronavirus, the 2.6 Challenge is inspiring people throughout the UK to raise money at or around their home for their favourite charity. “

Alyson Rose

You can participate by clicking here to support our 2.6 Challengers for shuktara: www.justgiving.com/fundraising/2-6-challenge-for-shuktara