Guria Thakur

At the end of September (2015) we were called to see if we would take a new girl to Lula Bari. So Pappu (Chairman of shuktara) went and was happy to say YES to taking a young girl, who he thought was probably autistic.
We made preparations to receive her and then they brought someone else!

After we received the new girl, Pappu went back to find out what had happened and it seems the nurse on duty showed him the wrong girl.

So we have Guria.

From the Kolkata Police diary on 17th August 2015 it is stated that she was found "lying on the road" in Kolkata 700014 which is the centre of the city. Since then she has been in a night shelter.
The medical report states that she is "unknown girl" "mentally ill".

Clearly to Pappu she is bright as a button. She is eager to communicate using sign language, far more intelligent than the so-called "experts" that wrote her report.
She's hearing. Non verbal and has cerebral palsy.

March 2016 - Guria went with Pappu for an assessment at the Indian Institute of Cerebral Palsy for admission. There are currently no spaces available for admission.

April 2016 - We took Guria to Mobility India for the final fitting for her splints. This was arranged by Jacinta who is a UK based physiotherapist volunteering here in Kolkata, who originally met Guria in the hospital where the police placed her after finding her abandoned.

The splints will correct her foot position and prevent any further deformity. They also aim to make her standing and walking a bit easier.

June 2016 - Guria now can stand on her own using her made-to-order standing frame and she is able to walk with assistance. She has other assistive devices that help her to be more mobile and work on strengthening her legs. In time she may even be able to walk by herself.

April 2017 - Guria started school on Monday 3rd April. She is really happy there and enjoys the journey back and forth between Lula Bari and REACH School which is in Golf Green. We look forward to exciting reports from the teachers and carers there as they update us on her progress