Ipshita Saha

Ipshita was the second girl to come to the shuktara home for girls. At that time she was quiet and shy, we don't know when she was born or anything about her parents. She was about 9 or 10 years old when she first moved into shuktara in 2007.

Her passion is her needlework and while living at Lula Bari she loved to spend time in the evenings embroidering scenes like flowers and houses.

"We’ve seen Ipshita grow in confidence and she became quite outgoing and sociable," says David, shuktara's founder.

After leaving school and getting a job working with other Deaf friends, Ipshita met a young woman named Ruchi in an online Deaf chat room and legged it up to the Punjab to meet her.

This was in 2017. Ipshita returned with Ruchi and they lived together in a village close to Kolkata. As Ruchi's father grew to accept their relationship, they recently moved back to the Punjab, where he has built them a house!

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