Kedar Poddar

Kedar is Deaf and came to live at shuktara in 2002. He got along well with the other boys in the home but as he got older he seemed to be restless. He would leave the home for periods of time and then return.

In 2010, after taking many train journeys he finally located his birth parents and family in his village. After his reunion with his family he stayed in the village and found work, however it was difficult to readjust to village life after living in a city so he returned to Kolkata.

Kedar has managed on his own to find a variety of jobs at different places in and around Kolkata. His first job was working at a Dhaba (small roadside restaurant). For the last three years he was employed by a leather wholesaler. Currently Kedar is working at a hotel in Howrah and he lives at his place of work.