Moni Mondal

Moni came to shuktara on the 10th September 2014. Pappu had been asked by Childline India Foundation to visit Moni who was being kept in a hospital run by Hope Foundation here in Kolkata. Although she was not sick, they were keeping her there as they had nowhere else to house her. The paperwork was done with Child Welfare Committee and a smooth transfer was quickly arranged. Her paperwork described her as "unknown girl aged around 10" - we immediately named her Moni. Later she chose the family name of Mondal and so now she is Moni Mondal.

She struggled for a long time to understand why her mother had abandoned her and would cry day and night asking to go back to her. Now she is much happier. We have no idea why her family decided it was better to abandon her than care for her themselves and although nothing can take the place of her mother, our girls home, Lula Bari, really helps.

Moni has been enrolled in REACH school along with Tamina, Muniya and Prity in their Special Education Unit. She started school on 6th April 2015.

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