Puja Bagh

Puja came to shuktara in January 2016. She needs lots of love and care and lots of space. She needs us to wash her and dress her and allow her to be. She is non verbal.

She was found alone on the streets of North Kolkata and had been lying alone in a hospital bed, placed there by the police who found her back in August (2015). She stayed in the hospital alone until Pappu met her and finally she came to us.

She now eats by herself (when she first arrived we had to feed her) and we provide cloth for her to wipe her hand after every mouthful because of the sensitivity in her fingers.

In April 2017 Puja was admitted to REACH school in their Autistic Unit, which she is loving.
She has found her own place there in the classroom where she feels safe (as she does at home) away from the noise of people around her and where the teachers can easily interact with her.

She laughs now and when she does it feels like outbursts of joy.
She has the care and attention of the staff at Lula Bari as well.

Puja is definitely at home and safe.