Lali Khatoon

Lali has lived at shuktara since April 2008, from when she was about nine years old. She was abandoned by her family and had been living in a Childline hostel run by Don Bosco Mission. We think she had three brothers and a sister but she says little about her family life before shuktara.

Lali has cerebral palsy, is hard of hearing and has a speech problem. She is studying at REACH school in their cerebral palsy unit and like most girls her age she says "play time" is what she likes best about her school!

At the end of 2013 the girls moved into their new home, Lula Bari. All have fallen in love with their new surroundings and are overjoyed at having a secure home for the rest of their lives. Lali enjoys having small responsibilities around the house and proudly tells us that she loves to "clean upstairs and wash the floor." The house is full of beautiful embroidery and art that Lali and the other girls decorated the walls with.

Along with the other girls at shuktara, Lali has received the love and support she needed enabling her to become a happy and confident teenager.

"She is a sensitive girl and although she doesn’t tend to get angry she will cry when something upsets her," says Pappu, shuktara’s chairman. "When you give her something to do in the house, she feels really special. She makes very loud noises of happiness. And she is always smiling which we all find infectious!"

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