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shuktara home for young adults with disability - 2016 November - Raja working on his art

Raja’s paintings at CIMA Art Mela 2016

Raja's paintings were accepted for the annual CIMA Art Mela 2016 - we're very proud of him and thought you would like to see more of his unique art.
shuktara homes for young adults with disability - puja at Lula Bari

Mike Gibson visits Lula Bari

It was at the very beginning of shuktara that Mike and Lula Gibson first visited us back in 2000. Lula died in 2012 and had always wanted people to support our girls, so when we were able to purchase a house for the girls we named it in her memory.

Lula Bari meaning Lula's House in Bengali.

Mike Gibson returned to visit us and we held a Lakhi Narayan Pujo in Lula Bari to celebrate Lula's life and our girls and their home.

If you would like to support the girls at Lula Bari please click here:

shuktara home for disabled young adults - 2016 November - Ramesh

A second visit to shuktara

What brings people to Kolkata for a second time? We're sure it has something to do with shuktara.

David Motion and Vera Hegarty, both longtime supporters of shuktara, visited our homes again just last week. He took all of these great photos - thank you, and we look forward to your third visit!

shuktara home for girls - Diwali 2016 - Ipshita, Moni and Lali

Diwali at Lula Bari with Sunnie

Celebrating Diwali with the girls at Lula Bari yesterday!
Masks, photos and so much love from Sunnie Niklaus

All photos by Sunnie Niklaus
shuktara home for young adults with disability - 2016 October - Bapi with #BlackHands poster

#BlackHands poster from San Francisco

shuktara home for young adults with disability - 2016 October - Bapi with #BlackHands poster#BlackHands
We love this poster sent to shuktara all the way from San Francisco! This is the first installment of a series of three posters by Llane Alexis and George McCalman. When we wanted to know more about this amazing poster this is what Llane said:

There is a story indeed. Every single shot of my own hands was taken with my iPhone right after I woke up in the morning. Those were very painful mornings for me dealing with depression and a broken heart and maybe even desperation. I was throwing signs as meanings of expressing my pain and cries for help.

I don't know sign language but I express my heart with my hands as they are the tools of my art. Also it was the moment of the rise of the #BlackLivesMatter movement at the same time. So it was a combination of all of the above. Then my friend George and I decided to print the images. This is the first installment of a series of three posters.

The second poster will be the hands of black hands makers around my world. The third poster will feature the art work of these black makers interpretation of black hands. And yes it will come with an art show presenting the actual works.

Thank you Llane Alexis Dominguez & George McCalman!
#BlackHands poster is available to order -