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shuktara - Lali in Puri, India

Lali in Puri – annual shuktara girls summer holiday

Lali in Puri, India with the shuktara girls

Here’s some photos from the annual shuktara girls summer holiday to Puri starting May 13th.

Pappu Mishra (chairman of shuktara) and Sunil are accompanying all the girls and staff of Lula Bari. They take the overnight train to Puri together and stay in a small hotel near the beach. Since it's the hottest time of the year everyone takes a "bath" in the sea.

shuktara - Prity on her way to Puri, India, on the train
Prity on the overnight train to Puri
shuktara - Sunil in Puri, India
Sunil on vacation with the girls from Lula Bari
shuktara - Tamina in Puri, India
Tamina in Puri with Maashi
shuktara - Anna

Anna and the earthquake

Yesterday (April 25th) the houses shook in Kolkata. Everyone left the building and Anna decided it was time for a shower, a shave and fresh clothes. We don’t know what he thought. Today (April 26th) there have been more tremors and they left the house again.

We are talking about Kolkata. So our thoughts must be with those people so close to us in Nepal.
shuktara - Anna

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shuktara - Moni goes to school with Lali

Moni goes to school!

shuktara - Driver-ji and Moni
Driver-ji and Moni
Moni came to us in September 2014 after being abandoned by her family. She was very distressed for a long time, but is now settling and is enrolled in school.
Arvind, the driver, takes Moni and the other girls to REACH in our vehicle and they, of course, demand that the music is played loud.
You can see how happy Moni is in these photos and you can follow her story here:
Moni Mondal

shuktara Lali and Moni
Lali and Moni
shuktara - Moni and Driver-ji
Moni and Driver-ji