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Ipshita and her embroidered tapestry

Tapestry by Ipshita

Thanks to everyone at Sanderstead United Reformed Church in the UK, who have been supporting us for such a long time -
This tapestry by Ipshita who lives at Lula Bari, our girls home here, was done especially by her for Audrey Earp, (David's mum) who has donated it to the church in thanks for their support of shuktara.

Thank you to everyone involved, especially Ipshita for the beautiful hand work.
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shuktara - Sanjay and his wife June 2015

Sanjay is married!

Sanjay came to shuktara in 2000. He always wanted to work and he always wanted his own family.
Since working at Shuktara Cakes he has saved enough money to rent a house outside of the city and in February he married a young woman called Munni and they have a baby coming in a few months.

The security of shuktara and his job at Shuktara Cakes has meant that he has been able to do this and he is SO proud.
Today he is also making us all very proud too.

shuktara - Sanjay and his wife 2015 June in front of their house
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shuktara - Sanjay and his wife Munni 2015 June