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shuktara 2016 FEB - Ipshita and Tamina

Masks, games and makeup at Lula Bari

22 February 2016
Our friend Sunnie Niklaus from Chicago came to Lula Bari today, armed with a bag full of some magical masks, games and makeup.

Muniya with her doll Trijntje and behind her Moni with Fenna

Upcycled dolls from Holland come to Lula Bari

Girls at Lula Bari and their repurposed dolls

Completely upcycled dolls renamed and reclothed in vintage and brought from Holland to Kolkata by Willeke who started Stichting Help2Help.

Ellie in Holland had the idea to collect old dolls and make new clothes and give new names for each of them. She did this for our friend Willeke and her group Stichting Help2Help to raise money towards the running of our girls home which is called Lula Bari.

There are more dolls available - contact Maura at mseeds.maura@gmail.com if you would like to donate and receive your Lula Bari doll!

Tamina with Sara

shuktara - Tamina and her doll Sara

Lali with Daphne

shuktara - Lali and her doll Daphne

Moni with Fenna

shuktara - Moni with her doll Fenna

Guria with Norah

shuktara - Guria and her doll Norah

Muniya with Trijntje & Moni

shuktara - Muniya with her doll Trijntje and behind her Moni with Fenna

upcycled dolls from Holland

shuktara - upcycled dolls from Holland

shuktara - Guria, new girl at Lula Bari

Guria – new girl at Lula Bari!

Learning to expect the unexpected…

29th September 2015
After Pappu's visit to Childline and his agreement to bring the new girl to Lula Bari, we were all ready and today at lunchtime, we were brought someone completely different.

Meet Guria...

Clearly she needs love, care, attention and a home right now, so even though they brought someone we weren't expecting, we are sure she is right and we are all really happy to welcome her.

Her paperwork from The Kolkata Police say that she was found "lying on the road" on 17th August at 7:05 pm and has since been in a night shelter. Her medical report states that she is "mentally ill", but we can inform you right now, that this little one is as bright as a button and really ready to communicate. She is hearing, but non verbal and already seems to be settled into her new home and very happy after a chicken and rice lunch.

Watch our Facebook page for more photos and news from Pappu about what happened to the other girl.