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Woman after run holding up pink sign

Judith’s run for shuktara

Judith was inspired to become a trustee for Shuktara after visiting the homes during work trips to India. 

“It’s always such a joy to visit the young people at Shuktara. The homes have such a great sense of family and the team running the charity so inspiring.”

The new project helping children with disabilities in the outlaying villages of West Bengal was the catalyst to get running and raising additional funds for the charity. 

“As I ran the course I kept thinking about the difference the funds would make to the children.”

Thank you so much to everyone who has already supported Judith’s run and Shuktara. The run took place last weekend (11 March) however you can still support shuktara here:
Judith’s Run for Shuktara

Pappu helping a young woman with the gift of a support chair

Shuktara Outreach – delivering assistive devices to Purulia

Pappu’s follow-up trip delivered assistive devices to disabled children and young people in two villages in Purulia district, West Bengal. Seven AFO (Ankle Foot Orthosis) and one movable support chair were distributed. The photos and videos below show the importance of shuktara’s outreach to villages who are not currently given any outside support for the disabled.

Tarakeswar Kumar walking with his newly fitted AFO (Ankle Foot Orthosis). This device is used to stabilise the joints, improve the gait and physical functioning of lower limbs.

Assembling the special chair that will allow Tanjim, who has only been able to lie on a string bed all her life, to sit. The team includes Debasish and his friends who live in Baghmundi village.

Pappu sitting with Tanjim in her new support chair.

This is life-changing for Tanjim who up to this point has only been able to lie on a string bed.

Clearly Tanjim is overjoyed to have her new chair made expressly for her measurements and needs.

Pappu and Tanjim say thank you to all our supporters!